Hearing Aid Programming

At Siouxland Hearing Healthcare, we want you to have a perfect hearing aid fit. We offer a 60-day trial period because we are confident you will be happy with your hearing aids. From matching your hearing needs and lifestyle with the right technology to our care in fitting your hearing aids, our audiologist ensures your hearing aids deliver sounds of your life in the way you want to experience them.

Hearing aid fitting

Did you know that no two people hear sounds exactly the same? It’s true! Hearing is a highly individualized process. That’s why at Siouxland Hearing Healthcare, we concentrate on an extremely personalized fitting.

Your hearing aid fitting appointment will most likely be the longest appointment you ever have at our office. When your hearing aids arrive from the factory, they will be preprogrammed for your hearing needs per your prescription. But we believe you deserve an even higher level of personalization.

We will adjust and fine-tune your hearing aids to deliver sound comfortably in many different settings. Whether you are in the quiet of your home watching television or out at dinner with friends, your hearing aids will be adjusted to emulate different settings, so you hear effortlessly no matter where you may be.

Hearing air care and maintenance

Before you leave your fitting appointment, you’ll have a full understanding of how to operate your hearing aids, maintenance tips and insertion and removal processes. While we’ll program the hearing aids to your exact needs, you’ll want to have a complete grasp on how to switch between settings, power your devices on and off, and how to connect them to other technologies.

Additionally, knowing what kind of care is involved in hearing aid maintenance is crucial to keeping them functioning optimally. Daily care is simple enough — just wipe down your hearing aids with a dry cloth to remove any earwax or debris. Remember to examine your devices as well to ensure there are no wax build-ups, loose components or physical damage to the outer shell.

Follow-up appointments

Because we want to ensure your hearing aids are fine-tuned to your specific needs, we’ll schedule a follow-up appointment with you to evaluate your experience. This appointment allows us to review any pertinent care and operation instructions with you, as well as make any small adjustments to the programming of your devices. We know hearing clearly is important to your day-to-day interactions, which is why we strive to provide you with the most natural listening experience possible.