Some of the most popular hearing aids today are rechargeable ones. They are low maintenance and don't require the wearer to purchase batteries, making them a cost-effective option. Rechargeable hearing aids are straightforward to use, and yet there are several differences when it comes to caring for them compared to other hearing aid types. Your audiologist will be able to go through the differences between hearing aids with you. Still, there are two main types of rechargeable hearing aids: silver-zinc, which are hearing aids that have a battery door, and lithium-ion, which do not have a battery door.

Working with your audiologist, you can learn about which type of hearing aid you have and how you can adequately care for it.

Silver-zinc hearing aids

These are known as Z-power batteries. They're the same size and shape of the regular hearing aid batteries you may be used to. Most batteries take up to four hours to charge and will ensure that you have enough power for a day of hearing. The batteries last around a year, and after this point, you may need to speak to your audiologist to get another one.

Lithium-ion hearing aids

Rechargeable hearing aids without battery doors contain a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, and they take around four hours to charge, with 24 hours of usage after that. The batteries last the whole life of the hearing aid, which is usually up to five years. It will only last this long if it's properly maintained. After five years, you should speak to your audiologist about a new one. You can choose to have your internal battery replaced at the end of that period, too, so you can keep the same hearing aid with a fresh new battery.

How to care for rechargeable hearing aid batteries:

  • Rechargeable hearing aid batteries: If they have a battery door – need to be removed and placed on a soft cloth. This will enable you to clean the battery compartment carefully without damaging the battery on the side.
  • For batteries that do not require removal, you need to put the hearing aid itself into the charging station when you're not using them. You don't have to wait to run the batteries out before you charge them up, and you can charge them while you shower!
  • Never store any rechargeable hearing aids in a charging station that's unplugged. If you do this, you will shorten the battery life and drain the life from what's left.
  • If you stay away from your hearing aid charging station, choose to switch off the hearing aids and store them safely while you aren't using them.
  • For lithium-ion hearing aids, put them into the charging station when they are dry and completely free of any debris.
  • When you place the hearing aids in the charging station, the indicator light will come on, and you will be able to see your hearing aids charging. It will take four hours for them to charge fully, and you can then use them once again.
  • Never carry your hearing aids by their wires, or they will not be able to work correctly when you do use them again and you could cause them damage.

Why you need to care for rechargeable hearing aids

If you are lucky enough to wear some of the best rechargeable hearing aids around, you need to look after them the best you can so that they live for a longer time. You can also maximize their efficiency and continue to charge and use them as much as you need.

You should always charge the batteries so that they are full, and when your hearing aids are out of power, this is when you should clean them and switch them off. When you're not using your hearing aids for some time, take the rechargeable battery out. This will prevent you from compromising the battery life accidentally. When possible, you have to keep your rechargeable batteries away from keys and coins as they could compromise the battery's life.

It's essential to maintain your hearing aid batteries so that your hearing aids last you for the length of time they're supposed to. Keep chemicals away from your hearing aid batteries and ensure that you are on top of keeping them clean and debris free! For more help with rechargeable hearing aids, turn to the experts at Siouxland Hearing Healthcare, P.L.C. Our audiologists can help you to care for your hearing aids – and all you need to do is call us at (712) 266-3662 today!