You may not think your hearing is failing until you start to notice some of the subtle signs. Unfortunately, these are often overlooked because they’re so easy to miss, but if you want to prevent more serious hearing loss down the line, it’s important that you know what these signals are and how they can affect your quality of life.

1. You Can’t Hear People Whispering Around You

The first sign that you might have a hearing problem is not being able to hear people whispering around you. Most of the time, this means your hearing loss is just beginning, and it’s something that’s actually pretty easy to fix with minimal effort on your part.

However, suppose it continues after trying out some inexpensive treatments or devices. In that case, it could be indicating that there are bigger problems at play here than simple noise-induced damage from loud music and concerts.

2. You Struggle Understanding Conversations in Noisy Environments

If you used to be able to understand everything that was being said in a crowded room but now, it’s all kind of garbled and impossible to make sense of, then chances are good your hearing is starting to crack. It’s not the worst problem in the world because there are some easy ways around this issue – like asking people to speak up or sit closer together so everyone can hear what’s going on better.

3. You Can’t Hear Someone Over the Phone

This one is pretty obvious, but it’s also something that can indicate a bigger problem. If you’re having trouble hearing someone over the phone – even if they’re speaking loudly and clearly into their end of the receiver – then chances are good; your ears aren’t working up to par right now.

4. You Feel Tired All the Time

If you find that your brain is constantly zapped of energy and it just feels like a chore to get through the day, then there’s a good chance your ears are starting to fail. Unfortunately, the worst part about this issue for most people is that they don’t even realize their hearing has gone downhill until they start testing out some gadgets or treatment options and discover how much better their lives become instantly when all the background noise goes away.

5. It Sounds Like Everyone Is Mumbling

If you’ve been feeling like people have been mumbling more and more as time goes on, it might not be just your mind playing tricks on you. Often, when people’s hearing starts to go, they misinterpret words or sounds because their brain is no longer getting all the necessary information it needs in order to make sense of things.

6. You Can Hear Some People but Not Others

Similar to the issue with people mumbling, this sign is indicative of a bigger problem. If you can hear some people perfectly fine, but others sound like they’re speaking from far away, it’s likely that your hearing loss has become more severe and will require some form of treatment. This can be especially tricky if the person you can’t hear is someone you need to communicate with on a regular basis, like a colleague or loved one – in which case, seeking assistance from your audiologist might be necessary.

7. You’re Struggling to Hear the Television

If you’re constantly turning the TV up louder and higher just to get it at a volume that’s comfortable for your ears, then chances are good there might be something wrong. This is another pretty straightforward issue – but unlike many of the other signs on this list, which only include hearing loss in certain situations or environments, this one impacts everyone who watches television with you.

8. You Experience Ringing in Your Ears

Tinnitus is one of the most common symptoms of hearing loss, and it can be an indicator that things are starting to go wrong. While not everyone with tinnitus experiences hearing loss, it’s still a good idea to get your ears checked out if you’re consistently experiencing this annoying sound. Often, treatments are available that can help lessen the severity of the ringing or even get rid of it altogether.

Hearing loss affects millions of people each year and can make everyday activities much more complex than they need to be. If you’re worried about your own hearing or think someone you know might be struggling, don’t hesitate to reach out for help at Siouxland Hearing Healthcare, P.L.C. at (712) 266-3662. Your audiologist will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible!

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