young girl sitting in booth for hearing evaluation

Hearing loss is something that is most commonly experienced by older people, and many of us will experience some level of hearing loss throughout the latter years of our lives. However, there are cases where children will develop hearing loss or a hearing problem at a young age, and as a parent, it is important for you to know the signs and when you should take them for a hearing test.

When a child is born, they are tested for their hearing and this test is usually between 80-90% accurate. Of course, in some cases, a hearing issue may be missed at this stage, or perhaps your child will only develop hearing issues after an illness or injury. It is important for you to know the clues to look for when identifying hearing loss in your child as if not treated or managed it can have an impact on the way your child lives their lives.

Today we are going to take a look at a few of the different signs that your child may need a hearing test and professional help.

They Don’t Respond to Your Calls

The first and perhaps the most obvious clue that your child needs a hearing test is if they don’t respond to you when you call their name. We all know children can be difficult and pick their moments to listen to you, however often you must consider the fact that they might actually not be able to hear you. If you shout to your child from another room or another part of the house and you find yourself repeating the call a few times; this could be a sign that your child is hard of hearing and needs to see a professional.

They Are Detached from the Conversation

One of the slightly less obvious but also valid ways to tell if your child has hearing loss is to watch them during a conversation. If they are frequently part of a conversation but they seem to be quiet or detached from everyone else this is a sign that they can’t hear people properly and are struggling to follow along with the direction of the conversation. If this starts to happen every time they are in a group you may need to consider taking action and getting them booked in for a test.

You Constantly Must Repeat Yourself

If you have recently noticed when talking to your child that you often have to repeat yourself this is a sign that they can’t hear you. It is possible of course that when you speak your child simply isn’t listening to you the first time around, however, if this is happening frequently even when you are speaking to them face to face it could be an issue that needs to be addressed. Make sure when you are talking to your child to speak slowly and clearly and be sure to speak a little louder than you normally would. Once you know that there is a hearing issue present you can get them to the doctors asap and book them in for a hearing test to find out what the cause of the issue is.

Your Child Speaks Louder Than Normal

Have you recently noticed that your child is speaking much louder than they used to? This is likely due to them having issues with their hearing. If your child is speaking at a higher volume, it is likely because they can’t hear themselves when talking at a lower volume and at least this way they are able to hear and understand what they are saying. Make sure if this is the case that you get them booked in for a hearing test as soon as possible.

It is never nice thinking that your child has hearing loss; however, it is not as uncommon as you may think. There are actually many children around the world who have hearing loss and have hearing aids fitted to help them make the most of their everyday lives. Hearing loss is not the end of the world; the trick is to spot it early enough and act so that your child can have the best possible quality of life.

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