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TestingWe see patients of all ages and with all types of hearing issues – from infants to adults.  The majority of our patients visit us to address some degree of hearing loss, whether at the beginning stages or more progressed.  The most common, effective treatment for hearing loss is hearing aids.

In addition to hearing aids, we also provide an array of other products and services, most of which are listed below:


Assistive listening devices are used to maximize hearing using instruments which may or may not be used in conjunction with a hearing aid.  These instruments may fall into several categories:

        1. Telephone Amplifiers.  We are providers for Access Iowa.
        2. Infrared Listening Systems for television and theater.
        3. FM Listening Systems for lectures or business meetings.
        4. Signaling Devices such as door bells, alarm clocks and ringers.

Audiometric Evaluations and Diagnostics

The audiometric evaluation consists of testing with both speech and pure tones, as well as performing bone conduction testing.  Testing with pure tones is done to determine the degree and configuration of the hearing loss. Speech testing is performed to determine the individual ears’ ability to process information.

Balance and Dizziness Therapy

The inner ear is responsible for both hearing and balanceTesting is performed to help determine the proper course of management. Certain types of dizziness need to be referred to an ENT specialist and others can be treated with positional therapy.

Blue Tooth Technology

Bluetooth is a term that describes a new technology which connects many devices together “wirelessly”.  This new technology has moved into the hearing instrument industry, allowing hearing aids to connect to cellular phones, audio equipment, televisions and many other compatible devices.  Currently the most popular Bluetooth devices are hands free cellular ear pieces.

Cerumen (wax) Removal & Management

Wax can be a serious issue for those patients that wear hearing aids as well as those who do not.  Our qualified staff can provide a professional inspection or your ear canals and if necessary clean your ears under microscopy.  In certain cases, a referral to an ENT specialist may be warranted.

Custom Earmolds

We make custom molds for a variety of reasons:

  1. Custom swim molds.  These are used to prevent water from entering the ear canal or middle ear space.  Custom swim molds are warranted in cases of perforated eardrums, chronic external ear infections (swimmers ear) and when ventilation tubes are surgically inserted.
  2. Musician plugs.  These plugs are specifically made to reduce sound by a given amount of decibels.  The sound is reduced a given amount across the auditory spectrum.  The quality of music is not altered by the plug; only the sound is reduced in amplitude.
  3. Noise protection plugs.  These are custom plugs designed to reduce the damaging effects that loud sounds have on the auditory system.  Uses include construction, factory workers, concerts, hunting and many other applications.
  4. Hearing aid molds.  These come in many styles and colors as do all of the other custom plugs.

Hearing Aids:  Sales and Service

Hearing Aids:  We offer a wide selection of hearing aids manufactured by several companies.  There are many varieties of styles and circuits to choose from all of which can be determined by the audiogram and the individual’s lifestyle.  We will work with you to find the best solution for your hearing healthcare needs within your budget.  To insure that you are completely satisfied with our products and service, we offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Service:  We service all makes of hearing aids.  If it is not possible to repair your hearing aid in house, we will ship the aid to an all-make repair lab and have it back quickly and at a reasonable cost.  If you are in need of a loaner, one will be provided at no cost to you.

Open Ear Fittings

Many people with hearing loss have tried hearing aids in the past, only to find that they felt “stopped up”, or “plugged up”.  We offer the latest digital technology in “Open Ear Fittings”.  These are engineered to offer the patient an open feeling while wearing hearing aids.  They are also some of the most cosmetically appealing hearing aids on the market.


This is an objective, diagnostic evaluation, used to determine middle ear function.  In evaluating hearing loss, tympanometry permits a distinction between sensorineural and conductive hearing loss.